Integrating the information technology in education sector enhances the efficiency in the entire education system. Our service helps the communication flow amongst teachers, students, administration and parents. With the prime focus of solving holistic problem for education provider, our application is highly customized and service-oriented.


By leveraging the digitalization in financial sector, we intent to improve and automate the operation by prioritizing customer service management. We aim to facilitate the information flow and communication in the financial sector by upgrading the IT network.


We excel in E-Governance solutions, leveraging cutting-edge technology to streamline processes and enhance transparency. Our expertise ensures seamless digital transformations, empowering government entities to efficiently serve citizens and achieve their organizational goals.


Information technology offers everything from high performing Cloud server clusters, proxy servers with load balancing, backup, and redundancy, Geographical load balancing to technical support and software development services. We aim to aid the e-commerce industry so that it gains the competitive edge in the market.


Information technology plays an increasingly important role in the management of complex retail operations. Through IT, we help you to speed up your operation processes and deliver cost saving benefits. Additionally, we help retailers build great relationships with their customers by improving all aspects of the customer experience.

Health Care

Real time data like watch which reads the heartbeat, pressure are essential for the health care providers to deliver adequate service. We aim to provide the secure services which can be fetched at the real time which will enhance the customer service experience for our clients as the customers will be able to view their health related record whenever they want through app or browser.


The service of UpTechSys concerning the logistic industry is focused towards maximizing efficiencies, improving the supply chain, and fulfilling customers’ orders. Through the help of technology, we procure our clients with ideas to enhance operational efficiency and effective delivery systems along with improvising the communication. Our product will help the customers with efficient tracking systems and delivery management and route mapping software solutions.

Industrial Automation

By the use of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), we provide various advantages concerning automated solutions to our clients. The primary benefits of adopting industrial automation is quality improvement, cost cutting, higher efficiency, better speed to market and security.


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